The Little White House

Alright ladies, be prepared to be an ensy bit jealous. I have to sing some praises for a second. I have an awesome boyfriend. Most of you knew that, but it’s true. He’s sweet, funny and helps me fulfill my dreams. When he sees things on my bucket list, he helps me make it happen. So a few weekends ago, we headed down to Warm Springs to go tour the Little White House.

I’ll be honest. I had NO idea what to expect. I’m not even sure I’ve seen pictures. BUT, I have a love of seeing people’s homes and their environments so I wanted to go.

We started off touring the museum and learning a bit about FDR and why he chose Warm Springs and some of the things he did when he was there.

All of his cars had a hand thing (technical term) for him to use the gas and brake.

They had a long line of all of states’ flag, mottoes, and a sample of their state stone. All of the mottoes were so interesting to me! Georgia’s is Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.

After seeing all of the flags, it was time for the house! First, we saw the servant’s quarters and guest house. It’s crazy to think he entertained dignitaries from foreign countries there.

Then it was time to go see the house! From the first impression, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I mean, I know the name is “Little” but the real White House is HUGE, so I didn’t think it would be that little. But it was.

The kitchen was itsy-bitsy. I’m going to try not to complain about our crappy kitchen anymore. On one wall, the cook wrote that she had cooked FDR’s last meal there and the date. That was really cool.

Okay, now’s where I get really pissed at myself. Apparently I didn’t take any pictures in the Living and Dining Room. WTH was I thinking??? ARG.

Anyway, imagine here that there’s a big room (relatively speaking) that right half has a fireplace, wall of books and a desk and then the other half has a dining table and a lot of model ships and pictures of ships everywhere.

Okay, did some google image searching. Here is the living room half.

And here is the dining room half.

Except when we were in there, the paining wasn’t in there. It was being painted when FDR suffered a brain hemorrhage and he died shortly after. She later finished the painting from memory, but there were a few changes.

Back to the house. This was his bedroom. He only had a twin bed in there. Eleanor never came to Warm Springs and I’m sure she wouldn’t have slept in the same bed with him anyway.

The was “Eleanor’s room,” but it was mostly slept in by the kids.

I love unusual door knockers. (I had been messing around with the settings on my camera and everything outside turned blue! Arg. But I’ve fixed it since.)

And that concludes our tour!