Serving Together: Atlanta Community Food Bank

Last night, several people from our Sunday School class went down to the Atlanta Food Bank and sorted food for a few hours. Our class has done it before, but this was my first time. It was fun, relatively easy, and a great way to hang out and get to know each other more. There’s just something about serving together that bonds you. Plus, they play awesome music and the time passes really quickly. I just heard you don’t want to go on meat night.

1 in every 5 Georgians is food insecure and 1 in every 4 children is. That just stunned me. I just kept thinking how I have never actually been hungry and not been able to get food somehow. And the truth is, I probably never will be.

Less than 20 people working for about 2 hours ended up sorting 9,600 pounds of food equaling over 8,000 meals! I was amazed at that number!

After finishing at the food bank, most of us headed to Tacquiera del Sol for tacos and then Jeni’s for ice cream. I honestly haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I’m so thankful for such a great group of people to serve the Lord with.

If you are looking for a place to serve with your group, I would highly recommend the Atlanta Food Bank!


Weekend Update: Top Golf and Cali Edition

We had one of those perfect weekends with just the right mix of relaxing and busyness. We dogsat Cali, Ryan’s parent’s dog, so on Friday night, we took her for a good long walk and just hung out around the house.

Saturday, I worked while Ryan did some yard work and watched the World Cup. He’s been watching pretty much the whole thing and I have zero interest in it, so I’ve had lots of good reading time. That night, we went to Top Golf with Pease, Ross, Claire, and Jonathan. It’s really cool and fun, although it’s not cheap at all. Definitely not an every week thing, but fun every once in a while. Basically, the premise is you’re trying to hit golf balls into targets, which is a lot more fun that just playing golf. It was also insanely busy. They are raking in the $$$ and apparently already have plans to build 3 more around Atlanta.

Sunday morning, I ended up sleeping in a little bit and we decided to skip church and just go to Sunday School. If we don’t make it to the 8:45 service, we just probably aren’t going to church. After Sunday School, we had brunch with Sarah and Jim and when we were finishing up, Matt Stafford and Kris Durham and a few other people walked in the door! It was random and kinda funny. Ryan saw him first and thought, I know that guy from somewhere and then he realized where. It was also funny because we were kind of used to seeing him out in Athens, so it wasn’t THAT weird to see him. He was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt, but he has 100s of millions of dollars. I wonder what he was driving….

Anyway, after brunch we came home and I pulled some weeds in the back, so Cali could run around and play. Pete and Monica came and picked her up and then Ryan watched the World Cup while I read. Sarah came over and borrowed our ice cream maker for the weekend and we talked some more. I love those friends that you just don’t run out of things to talk about.

Ryan and I ended our evening with wings and we came home and watched an episode of Halt and Catch Fire, which I’m not totally on the bandwagon of and the Bachelorette. Josh Murray is safe for another round, so we will keep watching. However, if I were not watching for him and was just a random observer, there is no way in heck I would spend two hours watching that show. If people can wrap up the entire storyline of a movie in 2 hours, surely you can wrap up a week of a dating show in that amount of time.

Okay, rant over. It was a wonderful weekend and now it’s back to real life, complete with laundry, the grocery store, and a run to Ikea. Life is good.


Root, Root, Root for the Bravos!!

Last night, Jami was in town from San Francisco so a few of us headed out to the Braves game. To be totally honest, I am hosting Bible Study this week and trying to finally finish painting the kitchen, so it probably would have been a good idea to stay home and get some stuff done. But I’m not always one for practicality and I haven’t seen her in over a year, so down to Turner Field I went. It was great seeing her and the other girls and our seats were probably the best I’ve ever had AND they were free from her brother. If only the Bravos could have pulled off the W, it would have been a perfect night. But it was close enough.


This week is kind of a big week for Ryan and my (my’s? mine?) relationship. Sunday the 4th was our 6 month-versary and Wednesday (yesterday) the 6th was the 3 year anniversary of our first date. (Sidenote- we both forgot about the 6 month thing until Monica posted it on Instagram. Oops.)

So, just like we’ve done for the past 3 years, on November 6, we had dinner at Tananka. The food is amazing, but the company is even better.

Too busy eating to smile. We each get two rolls and then one to share. Ryan always gets the same thing, but I change it up.

One of the hardest parts is deciding which to eat last.

After dinner, Ryan took a different way home, which I thought was a little weird but whatever. I was on my phone (yes, I know. Shame on me.) and looked up and we were way out of the way. I asked him if we were going to trivia (we had talked about going during dinner) and he said no and then I realized we were meeting Pease and Ross! Which was kinda funny because I had called her earlier that night and she hadn’t answered. So we had a drink and talked for a long time, including the story of Ross getting in a fight in middle school.

And we took a picture because we don’t have many pictures of the four of us. Love these peeps.

So thankful this guy took me out those three years ago. I can’t imagine life without him.

31 Days of Real Life: Day 19

Last night, Iz came over for dinner. I made the easiest recipe ever and a take on Shauna Niequiest’s green wellness salad. We sat and ate and talked and laughed and drank for 3 hours. Those are the best nights. Simple and easy. It all goes back to the Nester- it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. The apartment wasn’t perfectly picked up and the pasta wasn’t cooked perfectly. But it was good. And now Iz heads to Spain for 2 months. I can’t wait to hear all about her trip.

P.S.- She also brought me this little squirrel friend, officially dubbed Palmer in honor of MFP. She is currently sporting a red ribbon for Georgia’s game today against Vandy.

The Symphony and Eat, Drink, and Be Tacky*

(*Title stolen from Kathleen and Avery’s invitation.)

I failed at blogging during the month of December. Which is a real shame because I did lots of fun stuff.

The first weekend of December, Ryan and I attended the Atlanta Symphony’s Christmas Concert on Friday. The Morehouse Glee Club performed and they were AWESOME! I can’t wait to just go to one of their shows!

Saturday was attend Kathleen and Avery’s Tacky Sweater Christmas party. Because Kathleen is the hostess with the mostess, we got actual mailed invitations to this party, which I’m pretty sure means we are growing up, because in the days of yore, we just sent out a Facebook invite or e-vite if we were feeling really fancy. Anyway, I was very excited because I had never actually been to a Tacky Christmas party. Fortunately, Mama saved some of her sweaters because Chance started going to a lot, so I just borrowed one from her.

Arizona was playing at Clemson that night, so I was fiance-less. Which was totally fine because Iz and I reunited as dates! It was almost like being back at college, except neither one of us puked.

I think Ross may have missed Ryan more than I did.

I love my friends!

I had a lot of fun making fun of Michelle. My ridiculousness thrives when she is around.

Liz and I were Tacky Twins. Similar turtlenecks and sweaters. It was almost creepy.

Love these people! I’m already excited for next year!

Tutus and Walking

This blog post is waaaaay late, but oh well.

For Jamie and Kacina’s birthday, Sarah and I decided to make them a birthday gift that would go along with them doing the Susan G. Komen Three Day. We knew they needed some “flair” for their last day so we made them tutus and decorated crowns. The best quote of the night came from Sarah: “Do you think the rhinestones are too over the top on the glittered crowns?”

Fight cancer!

The Saturday of the walk, Jamie and Kacina walked by the store, so Sarah came and we got to see them and cheer them on. Every year, this is one of my favorite days of work. It is so inspiring to see all of the women and men who have trained so hard to work to fight breast cancer.

I love having friends that inspire me!