Throwback Thursday Stories

This Throwback Thursday isn’t THAT old. But I don’t have any really old pictures on my computer right now, so this will have to do for now.

This picture is from senior year of college, round 1. Jami, Pease, and I were inseparable Senior year. It was taken after round 2 of recruitment, house tours. I was in charge of that round, Pease was the president of the sorority and Jami was VP of Member Development (I think). I bet we have over 50 pictures together from that year.

Pease hates it when you “crowd her face,” so Jami and I would give each other a look right before we took the picture and go for it. Of course, we thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

Senior year of college is one of my favorite times of my life. We had so many good and fun memories that year. I could tell a million stories- from hanging out with Kathleen in my room between classes to Pease and Sarah Kate playing my Wii at night to our year-long bar crawl. It’s hard to believe that this August we will have all known each other 9 years. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything.


1996 Olympics

I was browsing through pictures on my parents computer the other day when I found these pictures from the 1996 Olympics that were in Atlanta. The soccer games were held in Athens in Sanford Stadium and Daddy took me and Chance.

I thought these pictures were interesting because you can see how the Stadium looked before they did the expansion. Crazy to compare it from then to now! It looks so little! It also looks like they blocked off the section behind the hedges so people couldn’t walk down by the field and those railings aren’t there anymore. But it looks like the same stands are! Haha!

Ahhhh…. I can’t wait to return tomorrow! Go Dawgs! Beat them Vols!!!


Back Before the Blog: Favorite Outfits of an 8 year old

The other day, I was going through an old photo album when I found a picture that brought back a lot of memories. Not of what I was doing at the time (it was taken by a professional photographer in a studio), but of the outfit that I was wearing. I’m probably 8 in the picture if I remember correctly, but to this day I can still remember how much I loved this dress and those shoes.

The pearls that are under the collar were detachable! Meaning I could wear the dress with or without the pearls! It was like 2 totally separate dresses! Of course, I never wore it without the pearls though!

And those shoes! Ahh! I would love to have a grown-up version of those shoes today! Purple velvet with purple stones on the toes- yes please! I was obsessed then and I would be now, too.

Of course, the white tights that are bagged around my ankles are much less cute than any other part of the outfit. But it does make me laugh! And really, I’ve been known to wear some headbands that are as big as that bow.

What about you? Do you have a favorite outfit from when you were younger that you wish you had an adult version of today? Don’t even get me started on my denim skort and Izzy t-shirt from the 1996 Olympics!

Back Before the Blog: My Single Act of Rebellion

The summer after Junior year, about 12 people from my class went to New York for a study tour. I bunked with Deanna, Rosemary and Claire. We stayed in a rather sketch hotel that was about 2 blocks from Time Square. Great touristy location, despite the state of the hotel. I just remember there being absolutely NO ventilation in the bathroom and it being so HOT after getting out of the shower. TMI? Maybe. Moving on.

The roommates after seeing the Yankees play their last year in the old Yankee Stadium.

We spent a week together seeing the sights of New York and some of the awesome design firms, showrooms, and museums and also spent a day at a show that showcases up and coming designers and the new things that people are coming out with that year. That was probably my favorite part. I bought an awesome orange keychain there. When it dies, part of me will go with it.

On the last day, we didn’t have anything scheduled and could just walk around and see whatever we wanted to. So we decided to go to parts of the city that we hadn’t had chance to see. After our day of sight-seeing, we boarded the subway to head back in the direction of our hotel to eat dinner and pack.

While on the subway, Claire looked at Deanna, who has 2 holes in each ear plus her cartilage pierced (this was prior to the nose ring), and declared that she wanted second holes, too. And then I confessed that I also wanted a second hole, but only one. Because while I like to go along with the crowd and do what’s “in,” I like to do it just a little bit differently than everyone else.

So we got off the subway and turned around and went back to where we came from because we had seen a tattoo parlor there.

Before going in, we decided we all needed to go to the McDonalds across the street and got some liquid courage something to drink.

While in there, I had to go to the bathroom. There were only 2 stalls and in the other stall, there was a lady. Going to the Bathroom, if you know what I mean. And grunting. Yes, grunting. And then apologizing to me for grunting. Seriously? What do you say in that situation??? It’s ok? I’m sorry your stomach hurts? Can I get you something? I’m pretty sure I just didn’t say anything because I had NO IDEA what to say.

After I left the Bathroom of Awkwardness, my mom immediately called me because she has a 6th sense of when I’m about to do something she wouldn’t approve of. This happens when I’m out shopping a LOT. I resisted telling her. I didn’t want her try to talk me out of it.

We walked across the street to the tattoo parlor and told them we wanted our ears pierced. The guy led Claire and I back into this little room, past the people getting tattoos. For some reason, they wouldn’t let Rosemary and Deanna come with us.

Since Claire’s dad is a doctor, he had pierced her ears for her. So we had explained to her the gun that they would use. Imagine our surprise when the guy pulls out this looong needle. The needle was hollow in the middle for him to put the earring in and kind of thread it through our ear.

He pierced Claire’s first. He jabbed the needle in her ear and she declared she didn’t even feel it.

Then he did mine. While it didn’t hurt, I definitely felt it.

He also had a diamond imbedded in his arm. I asked him how they did that. Apparently it’s screwed into the top few layers of skin. He tried to convince us to get ones imbedded in our chests like floating necklaces. Claire and I decided to pass.

Here are Claire and I outside of the tattoo parlor where it all went down.

And here’s a close-up of our new bling.

Obviously, I’m pretty non-rebellious. But every time I see it in the mirror or reach up the mess with it, I feel this tiny sense of pride. I love it.

“Rebellion is the only thing that keeps you alive!” -Marianne Faithfull

Back Before the Blog: Spring Graduation

In honor of today being Georgia’s graduation, here are pictures of us from Graduation last year. Of course, I didn’t actually graduate until December, but I really wanted to walk with my class and I certainly wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to stand on that hallowed ground that’s more commonly known as Sanford Stadium. So, I bought my cap and gown a little early and got some extra use out of them!

It’s funny because this year Graduation is at night (nice!) because it’s the 225th one and last year it was at the crack of dawn. So instead of going out and partying the night before, we went to bed super early because we had to get up and get showered and dressed. Ha! I guess we were already getting ready for the real world.

Iz, me, and Pease

Jennifer Weidner, my freshman year roommate. Loved her!

We all went and stood on the grass and took a picture. Until we got yelled at! Ha! They had these tile things on the grass so we wouldn’t trample it. We are such rebels!

Then we ran around and found Callan and Michelle. We were all giddy with excitement! I love this picture of us. We were supposed to be staying in our seats, but we didn’t care! We were graduating! (Okay, well, everyone else was and I was so excited for them!)

Rosemary, me, and Rachel

Me and my Peaser!

Throwing our caps!

Me and my Rachel. We’ve been friends for longer than we can remember. In fact, our parents (my dad, her mom) graduated from high school together. Yes, the same high school we graduated from. We’re also big fans of big sunglasses, if you couldn’t tell!

The other Rachel (Pease’s Rachel), me, and Pease

Peaser and *Ross* That’s how he is in her phone, so he’s the first one on her call list! Hilarious! Love it!

Us again. So glad I have this sweet, funny friend in my life!

And me and Chance. Mom and Dad couldn’t come because they had made plans to go to Vegas that weekend. And since I technically wasn’t graduating anyway, I really didn’t care. But I was really glad Chance came. And what’s really sweet is that Mom didn’t even tell him too!

“Will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)” -Dr. Seuss