A Great Weekend and the End of an Era

Long time, no blog. Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, last weekend was an amazing, tiring weekend. We closed the store on Saturday for Labor Day, so I headed to Mama and Daddy’s on Friday night with my little travel buddy. She’s getting used to car rides. We had dinner for Mama’s birthday and played with Leeney-girl.

On Saturday, Daddy and I got up and headed to Athens, while my sweet Mama kept our puppy.

I saw Pease, Kathleen, and Michelle for a while. (And Miss Sharon, Ross, Avery, Trey, MaryEllen…)

And then went back to our tailgate for the rest of the day. We’re in a new spot that has prime people-watching. I hung out with my girl for a while in her adorable new top that I’m going to have to borrow. (Sidenote: Red-Outs are stressful when red in not an “in color.” Also, look how happy my cute husband is back there. He is so in his element.)

Before we knew it, it was time to head into the stadium.

I was nervous, let’s just put it that way. New DC, new QB, lots of unknowns.

I went through the main gate and under the tunnel, which is my favorite. You come from below, people are mostly just milling around, getting programs and drinks, go under the tunnel, which is dark and cool(ish)

Out into the sun with 10s of 1,000s of people, all in red, cheering and yelling. So awesome. Gives me chills thinking about it.

I mostly sat through the pre-game alone, which was fine because no one could see my crying during the hype videos. Thank goodness for sunglasses.

So, the game. Man, the game. Oh, the game. I was so nervous. My fears didn’t really go away during the first half. And we aren’t historically known to make proper adjustments during half-time. However, we did. God bless Jeremy Pruitt. If Ryan’s said it once, he’s said it 100 times, our defense held them to 15 yards of total offense in the 2nd half. By golly, I’ll take it. That 4th quarter was something out of a dream. Hudson Mason played a decent game, Sony Michel is my new favorite player, and Todd Gurley is a beast. I mean, Herschel is calling him the best RB in college football. He may be a touch biased, but I am too. Amarlo Herrera was SEC Defensive Player of the week and Leonard Floyd better have double digit sacks this year. Glory.

But gosh, it’s so easy to get excited after great games like that. Which makes me nervous again for S. Carolina. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, we sure were happy, though!

After the game, we tailgated for a while longer before heading to Mama and Daddy’s.

The next day, Mama and Daddy threw a party for Chandler and Hanna, so we spent all day at the lake getting ready for that. It was a good party, but it was super hot. We did take Jolene in the lake but I made the mistake of throwing her in, she went under and then swam under the dock. So she didn’t really like it. Poor thing.

Exhausted after swimming, playing with Otter, and running away.

On Monday, we cleaned up the house, took naps, Daddy and I went to Lala and Big Daddy’s and got some decorations for me (shutters and this awesome mirror frame- I’m so excited about them!) and before we knew it, it was time to go home and back to work.

As for my other news, for the last 2 and a half years, my work schedule has been Tuesday – Saturday. At first, I hated it because Saturdays are football days and hanging out days. But then I got used to having Monday all to my self to do whatever I wanted. And I loved it. Some days I did laundry (mostly not), most times I went to the grocery store, sometimes I’d go shopping and other times, I’d sit on the sofa all day and read or watch TV. And Ryan would get home and ask if I’d been in my pajamas all day. And sometimes, the answer was yes. :) But the other week was my last working Saturday. The whole thing was very unceremonious. And the truth is, there will still be Saturdays that I work here and there. But this year, I will be spending a lot of Saturdays in Sanford Stadium or watching football. Or doing stuff around the house or hanging out with friends. So this will be interesting, but also good. It will take some adjustment, but all three of us (Jolene included) are ready!





Root, Root, Root for the Bravos!!

Last night, Jami was in town from San Francisco so a few of us headed out to the Braves game. To be totally honest, I am hosting Bible Study this week and trying to finally finish painting the kitchen, so it probably would have been a good idea to stay home and get some stuff done. But I’m not always one for practicality and I haven’t seen her in over a year, so down to Turner Field I went. It was great seeing her and the other girls and our seats were probably the best I’ve ever had AND they were free from her brother. If only the Bravos could have pulled off the W, it would have been a perfect night. But it was close enough.

Life Lately

Life has been kinda crazy around here. This is just a recap of almost everything we’ve been up to.

When we went to our final inspection of the house, I took some pictures of the dogwood in the front yard. I am soooo happy about it!! We need to see about the ivy growing on it because I’m scared it’s killing the tree.

After we closed on the house, we had dinner at Marlowe’s Tavern. Their tomato bacon jam is amazing!

I was packing/cleaning up one night and Ryan stuck a hanger over his head. Then he couldn’t get it off. It was hilarious! He finally had to break it to get it off.

In the midst of all of our packing, cousin Heidi’s book showed up!!!! Along with this delicious chocolate. I’m super close to finishing, but I’m waiting for a big block of time. But so far, I have loved it. I’ll give it a proper review when I’m finished, but I highly recommend it. You can pick it up on Amazon!

The Friday before we moved, we had dinner for Kylie’s birthday. It was sooo good, even though I’m terrible about remembering where we’ve eaten. I do, however, remember that amazing caramel cake from Piece of Cake.

Saturday, we headed to Athens for Twilight and for the sorority’s IRD. I miss Athens. I will never stop missing Athens.

For old time’s sake, we went to General’s for a drink. It hasn’t changed a bit. It made me happy. I’m a little crazy-eyed in this picture.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to move. Ryan, Ross and I started off with the breakfast of champions- Waffle House.

It was kinda funny seeing Ryan drive up in that big U-Haul.

After we got most of the big stuff moved on Sunday, Ryan and I spent the rest of the week getting all of the little stuff and cleaning. Ugh.

Our last meal at the apartment- Jimmy Dean’s frozen croissants. They were actually really good.

The house right after we moved in. It’s still a mess, but most of this stuff has cleared out. We just have a lot of furniture we need to buy to unpack everything into.

Last weekend, we went to my parent’s for Big Daddy’s birthday. Sunday was our one year anniversary, so Ryan woke me up super early and we went to Waffle House, just like we did the morning before the wedding.

The top of our cake! It was still delicious, even a year later! Of course, Ryan ate one bite and I ate the rest of it. I think I need to try Whole 30 again to detox myself from all the sugar.

On Friday, Ryan went to Shaky Knees and I went to the Braves game with some Sarah, Jamie, Kacina, Brie and Elizabeth. It was raining and yucky before the game, but it cleared up when we got there. Plus our seats were covered.

Saturday night, I headed home for Mother’s Day. It was just the four of us on Sunday and Mama cooked lunch. It was nice how we all just fell back into our routine and sat down in the dining room where we had always sat. I found a few old pictures when Mama and I were going through some stuff.

Chance was buttoning his shirt all the way to the top way before Ryan did it.

It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but the collar on this dress was HUGE. I remember thinking this was the prettiest dress EVER. (I think both of these pictures were taken for the Mr. and Ms. Sweetheart Pageant (that is a hard word to spell) that the Pilot Club put on for a few years. So yes, I was in a pageant once or twice. One year, the girl that won gave us all chicken pox.)

And that just about wraps us up. We’ve had a busy few weeks and we’re about to have a few more busy weeks. It’ll be nice when things relax and we can get the house painted and in order. I think we’re both getting a little tired of living in chaos.


The Super Bowl of Party Rolls

I love having people over. I love cooking providing a meal for them, hanging out and having fun. When you are with someone in their own environment- where they cook dinner, watch TV, refuge from the world- it’s like you know them on a more intimate level.

That is why this was one of my New Year’s Resolutions for the year- to invite people over more. (Sarah was supposed to come for dinner in January, but got the flu. So it counts.) For the Super Bowl, Ryan and I decided to invite Pease, Kathleen, Iz, and their SO’s over. We knew it would be crammed, but we also knew it would be fun. The game was so boring and I just felt sorry for Peyton. Ever since we watched the Book of Manning, I have loved their family. I didn’t take a single picture, but we talked and ate and laughed and ate some more. The girls decided to do apps (remember when apps was appetizers, not phone applications? wasn’t that long ago!) so Pease brought cheese dip, salsa and guac, Kathleen brought wings, and I made my mom’s Party Rolls and Texas Caviar.

I have lots of memories from these Party Rolls. I took them to every high school class party we had at the request of Zeke. They are delicious. And high school was probably the last time I had them, so it was time to reintroduce an old favorite.

I have no idea where this recipe came from, except from Granny’s Good Cookin’, which was our school’s cookbook. (It also includes the recipe for Conrad’s Bacon and Ketchup sandwiches. I think it came out when I was in elementary school, so we all submitted recipes.)

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Pepperidge Farm party rolls
Ham, sliced very, very thin (probably about 1/4# for every pan of rolls)
Swiss cheese

For the spread:
1/2 cup butter, softened (I learned from BooMama if you grate the butter, it’ll soften it.)
1/4 cup mustard
1/4 cup onion, grated (I just diced mine super small and then sauteed it. Grating onion is not that easy.)
1 Tbsp poppy seed

Slice the rolls and spread on each 1/2 of the mixture. Add a layer of ham and cheese. Put top on sandwich and bake at 350* for 10 minutes to melt the cheese.

These are so dang good. I need to have another party so we can make them again. Look at that. I’m becoming a cooking blog. :)

Christmas and New Years 2013

So is it too “late” to do a Christmas blog post? Well, if it is, they’re my memories and I want to remember them.

Because we spent Thanksgiving with my family, we spent Christmas with Ryan’s. I took embarrassingly few pictures, so most of these are “borrowed” from Facebook.

I worked 8 days in a row up to Christmas Eve. It was crazy, but good. I was glad to have my week off after that. Ryan went to Virginia to see his dad and family up there. He got back Christmas Eve. Present buying was stressful and I have vowed that this year all of my shopping will be done before Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping.

Christmas Eve we went to church with Pete and Monica and then out to dinner at Milton’s. Mama R came and met us at dinner and Kylie met us on her way home. It was delicious, but the two appetizers at the bar kinda killed my appetite.

We spent the night at Pete and Monica’s. Christmas morning, we were trying to figure out what to have for breakfast and decided to go to Waffle House. It was awesome and I think we may have found a new tradition.

After breakfast, Ryan and I ran home to wrap all of our Christmas presents. Never again will I do that.

We then went to Yia Yia and Papou’s for presents and lunch. This is the only picture I took.

It was fun and the food was delicious, of course. We had lamb and pastiza (I have no clue how to spell it, but it was some kind of pasta dish. “You don’t spell it son, you eat it!”) which is not our traditionally Christmas, but it was fun to have something new.

The next day, Ryan worked and I slept in and laid around like a sloth. We went to dinner with Brendan and Megan, who were in town from San Fran and then went to Jillian’s for the oyster roast.

The next day, we headed to Greensboro and went to visit Tori and the Fagan’s and then went to dinner with Mama. Saturday, we got up early to go see Lala and Big Daddy and then head to Charlotte to see Mama’s family. Eula has gotten so big! We ate dinner at a pizza place that was nice a quiet.

It was a little weird and sad because Mimi wasn’t there, though.

The next morning, we woke up and went to see Papa again before we left. He’s so funny. I’ve started asking him all of these random questions that I want to know about him. Like how all 12 of them ate dinner at the same time while he was growing up. (They sat on benches and there were always more than 12 of them because the farm hands ate with them too. I just think it must have been so chaotic and fun.)

After that, we got back on the road for Jacksonville. The Dawgs were playing in the Gator Bowl down there, so we went and relaxed for a few days beforehand. Mostly, we walked on the beach and read. Mama and I went shopping one afternoon. It was perfect, except I wish we’d had one more day.

This picture is a tribute to all of Iz’s “creeper” pics she took in Europe.

I finished one book, read two more and started another on this trip. Success. I actually read part of every single book I brought, which never happens.

New Years Eve, we went to dinner with Mama and Daddy and some of their friends. We went to a few bars after and were in a cab home at 12:15. Have I mentioned that I’m not a NYE fan?

Taking pictures in a dark bar isn’t easy.

The game was the next day, so we piled in and headed to the stadium. Of course, as we were walking in it started raining and didn’t stop the entire game. And then we lost. It was lame, but none of us really cared that much.

After the game, we headed back home to real life. I started my new book (LOVE IT) and it was back to work the next day.

A very successful holiday, indeed. Family, food, relaxing, football, shopping, reading. I’m not sure I could have asked for anything more.

GA/UK- Aaron Murray is a DGD

On Saturday, I got to attend my second Georgia game of the season. Hallelujah. This was the only game of the season that was late enough for me to get to. And I left work early and got to tailgate for a few hours, too.

Our family Christmas card picture

It was crazy being back in Sanford after not being there all season. It was like being home again after a long, long absence.

It was such a bittersweet game being Aaron Murray’s last one between the Hedges. He’s been Georgia’s quarterback the entire time I’ve known Ryan. And it was heartbreaking watch him tear his ACL and know that was the last time he would wear a Georgia uniform. Hopefully, one day he will be walking the sidelines as our head coach, after Mark Richt decides to retire.

I got to sit with my best girl. And we look like Angels. Um, fitting, I would say.

The Dawgs played an awesome game. I went and sat with Ryan, Chance and Mikey during the 4th Quarter because Sarah has bad influences in her life that make her leave early.

It was SOOOO cold!! I took Ryan’s hat, so he took my scarf…. Not how I had planned it, I have to say. Also not the most flattering angle, but two of my favorite guys.

But it was a great game and the Dawgs won! I’ve been crying all week reading articles about Aaron Murray. He was the epitome of a Damn Good Dawg. He always represented the University well and played like a champ. The Dawg Nation will miss him.

“Well, at least they care.”

Clearly, Aaron Murray isn’t a fan of my Spurrier is a Cock shirt.

Amazing, amazing game on Saturday. I did my usual: call Ryan, turned my phone off, got home and watched the game on DVR. Except that the TV had been left on ESPN, so I saw the score was tied with 4:22 left in the second quarter. I fast-forwarded through the first part, just to see how we’d gotten there and was caught up by halftime. I don’t remember who said it, but I don’t think we would have won if we’d played a cupcake first game. The entire team played great and had awesome moments. Great game and I would watch it all day long. I’m glad Aaron finally won the big game.

It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Especially when Spurrier loses.

(Please go see Spurrier’s press conference after the game. I can’t find it, but it is classic Spurrier gold, especially when he’s talking about his defensive coaches getting in a fight. I can’t find it this morning, but I know it’s out there.)