Watching Documentaries

Ryan and I don’t really share the same taste in movies. Now, he does loveĀ  good 90’s chick flick (My Best Friend’s Wedding being quoted often around here), but that’s about the extent of it. However, we did discover several months ago that we both love a documentary and Ryan has recently found the Smithsonian channel. If it’s not sports or HGTV, that’s what has been on. (Although between baseball and the NBA Finals lately, it’s mostly been sports.)

Last night, The Day Kennedy Died was on the Smithsonian channel. It was insanely fascinating. I knew what happened, but didn’t know the details. They had interviews with SO many people- Jackie Kennedy’s secret service agent, a woman who was friends with Lee Harvey Oswold and was actually with his wife when Kennedy was shot, a nurse that worked at the hospital and was in the trauma room they brought him to, the homicide investigator that was Oswold was shackled to when he was shot, the man that took Oswold to work that day, reporters, people at the parade, I could go on and on. They also had audio from Lady Bird Johnson’s diary from the day. It was really amazing the number of people they had on.

I kept telling Ryan, “I would never sleep again if you were shot while I was sitting next to you.” Jackie Kennedy’s secret service agent was in the car behind them and he was trying to get to the car when the President was shot the second time (which was the fatal shot.) He said he will always feel guilty that he wasn’t there to protect him from the second shot and will wonder what could have happened. I just can’t imagine. The documentary closed with Mrs. Kennedy’s SS agent saying he will always consider that the day innocence died. And Ryan and I both agreed with him.

Now I want to ask everyone I know that was alive then where they were when Kennedy was shot.

We also talked a lot about how far forensics have come and now they would be able to pinpoint exactly what direction he was shot from. Someone on the documentary said that the shots were too close together for them to have come from the same gun. So fascinating, especially because we will never really know.

Jamie recently read 11/22/63 by Stephen King, which is all about that day. I’ve been thinking about starting a Stephen King and this may be my first one. I just need to find some time to devote to it, as it’s almost 900 pages.


I had dinner with Sarah on Wednesday and she recommended Ken Burns’ documentaries to me. We also enjoyed 30 Day on Netflix from the guy that did Super Size Me. (I don’t think they’re on Netflix anymore, though.) Any other docs you’d recommend? I really want to find 20 Feet from Stardom, which won Best Documentary at the Oscars. It’s all about back-up singers. What a fun life!

(I think I can officially say that we have become old and boring. But truthfully, real life is so fascinating!)


Fall TV for 2013

Truthfully, I’m about a week late with this blog post because most of the shows have already premiered and I missed them. However, thanks to this handy little thing Al Gore invented, I can catch up. So that is my goal for Sunday, while waiting for the Breaking Bad finale. Football season means I get a lot of quality reading time, because I really only care about the SEC, especially on Sundays, so I’ll just spend this Sunday watching TV.

Anyway, a few shows I’m planning on watching this season:


Nashville– Now that I’ve gotten Ryan into this, it’s much easier to watch. We didn’t watch the premiere last night because we were at the Braves game. However, I’m very excited to start it.

Glee– I’m very interested to see what will happen with the Finn story line. But this isn’t one that I watch constantly- usually more of a DVR’d.

The Big Bang Theory– I use to DVR it every night from TBS, but they seriously showed the same 15 episodes over and over, so I finally canceled it. I love this show, though and can’t wait to laugh at it all the time. Ryan and I watched this clip last night about 10 times. And we laughed every single time.

The Amazing Race– This is another one Ryan and I watch together. We started watching with my parents and quickly got addicted. Very cool concept and an awesome way to see the world.

The Mindy Project– I’m a huge Mindy Kaling fan. Her book is awesome, if you ever have a chance to read it. So it stands to reason that I love her show, too. Plus, it’s only 30 minutes, which is perfect.


The Goldbergs– This is set in the 80s and looks hilarious. We missed the premiere this week, but it’ll be easy to catch up.

Reign– Yes, this show comes on the CW, but I’m a sucker for historical period pieces about royalty, so I’m going to give it a shot. I’m thinking this will replace RHNJ when it goes off the air in a few weeks as my “show to watch while Ryan’s at trivia/I’m off on Monday.”


We recently invested in Netflix to watch Breaking Bad, so I now have a few shows I want to watch and catch up on.

Friday Night Lights: Big and Boo have talked about it for years, Sarah and Tori are now obsessed with it and I think I’ve finally gotten Ryan on board. So yes, we are about to be the last people on earth that have watched it. But better late than never.

Scandal- This is another show that people are obsessed with that I’m dying to see what all the hype is about. I think only one season has been out, so it should be relatively easy to catch up.

Hmmm, that seems like a lot of TV. But spread out over 7 days, I don’t think it’s that bad. Maybe I’m just telling myself that.

Latest TV Addiction: Nashville

One of the things that I’ve always wanted is for Ryan and I to have a show that we watch together. Truthfully, we have pretty opposite tastes when it comes to most things- TV, movies and music. You know, the important things in a relationship. Plus, sports are ALWAYS on and they overlap and Ryan likes a team from just about every major sport. Which doesn’t leave a lot of time for regular TV watching.

A long time ago, I started recording all of the episodes of Nashville. Mostly because Big Mama and BooMama talked about it all the time. But some reason, I never really got around to watching it/into it. However, when Ryan was in Chicago a few weeks ago, I started watching. And kept watching and watching. Then he returned and it was the NBA playoffs and Nashville got pushed to the back burner. But 6 months later, the NBA playoffs are finally over. Can I get a hallelujah?

Because Monday is my day off and I am alone, I watch whatever I have recorded on the DVR that I know Ryan would absolutely rather die that watch- Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Real Housewives of New Jersey being the primary ones. However, this Monday when he got home, I was folding laundry and asked if I could watch Nashville and he said he didn’t care. (The Braves weren’t playing that night.) (And no, we don’t have the kind of relationship where I have to ask if I want to watch something on TV, but it’s polite, so I do it anyway.) (Yes, I am an over-explainer.) So I watched 2 episodes and all of a sudden, he was hooked. Actually, we both were.

And despite the fact that we promised we were going to bed early that night, we ended up watching 3 more episodes. I think we have about 7 left before we’re done with the season. For some reason, the DVR didn’t record all of them so there are two that we have to watch online. But I have little doubt that we will be done before the middle of next week.

After that, I want to watch Friday Night Lights. EVERYONE says we would love it. Sarah called me specifically to tell me that we had to watch it. But, that requires us getting my Wii from my parents and a Netflix subscription, so I don’t know how long that will take.

What other TV shows should we get hooked on before football season starts and everything resumes its regular schedule? Connie Britton in the lead is optional.

Big Thoughts About Downton Abbey

I was reading my archives a few weeks ago and realized I used to talk about TV a LOT more than I do now. This doesn’t mean I’m less obsessed, it just means I have less time to actually watch it. Plus, with the addition of the DVR in my life (how did I ever live without it??), I can watch my shows whenever I’d like. But the one show that I absolutely must watch on Sundays at 9: Downton Abbey.

The life of the Grantham family and their servants is my current Favorite Show of All Time. Set in a beautiful manor house in England, I live vicariously through this family as they experience the sinking of the Titanic, the Great War, the Spanish Influenza, the Roaring 20s and a million other significant aspects of their lives- marrying the chauffeur, being jilted at the altar, having your husband wrongfully jailed for the murder of his ex-wife.

But last night, Downton Abbey went where few other shows have gone before- Killing Off a Main Character. I knew something bad was going to happen, but people get sick and recover on TV. They don’t get sick and DIE. Unless they are a secondary character that keeps the two main characters that are supposed to be together apart. Oh, how I cried. Oh, how Ryan told me it was just a TV show.

But really, it’s more than that. It brings people together. Why else would some of my favorite bloggers feel the need to document it also?

Rage Against the Minivan and Whoorl do a Downton recap every week. And this was the saddest one yet.

BooMama also had some big feelings about it. All of which I share.

I’m not sure I will ever get over this one.

My Favorite Doctor

Hands down, my favorite TV show right now is The Big Bang Theory. It seriously makes me laugh every single time. Of course, Sheldon is the best.

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest

My favorite: “Ah, gravity- thou art a heartless bitch.” When he laughs, it kills me.

Also, Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend is the best thing I’ve ever heard. Making up a dead girlfriend to get Heisman votes- clever. Too bad it didn’t work.

Life Right Now

Once again, a random post.

I’ve been super bad about posting regularly! It’s making me crazy!

I have challenged Ryan and myself to not spend any “extra” money for the rest of December and all of January. This is going to be super hard, but I think we can do it. This includes not eating out much. We did go out on Saturday, but Ryan had a gift card, so our entire dinner cost $1, tip included! But all I want to do is go to Target and Urban Outfitters and shop, shop, shop! I did buy some glue for $2 the other day, but that’s not too terrible.

Iz came over for dinner on Monday. I cooked spaghetti with ground turkey and we had a salad. It was super good and great to see her. And then we watched White Christmas, an absolute Christmas classic.

I unexpectedly had the day off on Monday (because I worked Saturday) so I decorated and did laundry! It was nice!

I’m working on New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, already. I kinda sorta failed on 2/3 of this past years’, but I have a renewed faith in myself! Isn’t that the best part of the new year and starting over?

It’s not really a secret that I’m not a Tim Tebow fan. I may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’m a Georgia fan through and through. (I’m not really going to go into it right now, but I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT believe that the Broncos are winning because “God is on Tim Tebow’s side.” Give me a break! God is on ALL of our sides! He loves all of his children and he is not just winning because he has a relationship with God. If he starts losing, are people going to say it’s because God doesn’t love him anymore? Um, NOT TRUE. Also, he’s not the first Christian in the world or in the NFL for that matter. So everyone needs to stop acting like it!) (Okay, I guess I went into it after all. Oops.) ANYWAY. I thought this article about him from the WSJ was kinda funny. He’s probably a good quarterback because he figures out ways to win, but I just don’t like him.

Suri’s Burn Book is absolutely a highlight of my day. So funny! If you haven’t read it, you should check it out.

I’m behind on my shows, so I spent last night catching up. Fortunately, Gossip Girl is over until January and I got all caught up on Glee last night. I LOVED the I Will Survive/Survivor mashup. I can’t wait til February so I can buy it!

I’m sooo close to being done with my Christmas shopping! Yay!! Just a few more things to buy. And I’ve got most of my cards mailed out. Yay again! Now I just need to finish cleaning up my room and getting ready for our Christmas part tonight! It’s the 3rd annual, but the 1st I’ve been able to attend. So I’m very excited about it!

A Shore Thing

This week, while in Atlanta, we had some time to kill so Ryan suggested we go to Target. (I mean, does he know me or does he know me???) While we were there, we perused the book/movie section and he walked up to me and showed me this.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Snooki wrote a book!! That means the girl can read! And write! It was 30% off and I was in line at the register about to buy it, but I just couldn’t do it. SO if any of you see this book at Goodwill, buy it for me and I will seriously pay you back. I am not kidding.

And if you watched the first episode, did you notice how close she sat to the steering wheel?? So hilarious!

If you don’t watch this show, you are seriously missing out.