Favorite Wedding Pictures, Part 1

The time has come. I am FINALLY sharing wedding pictures. Only a year and a half later. It’s going to be hard not to share every single one that we have, but I will try. I’m going to break this up into multiple posts because there’s just no way to put all of them in one. But I’m going to start with my favorites. I love all of these so much. They capture the joy we felt that night. I wish we could do it every year.

(They’re also totally out of order. But I don’t feel like putting them in any order. I’ve waited long enough.)

(I have no idea why I thought I could get all of my favorite pictures into one post, but here are the first 20, anyway.)



Two Weddings and A Puppy (Not Ours)

The other week, my cousin decided to get hitched! (Okay, she decided to get married a year ago, but they finally tied the knot a few weeks ago.) They got married in Jacksonville, which was a great excuse for us to go to the beach! Ryan and I headed down Friday after work and we all got up bright and early to go hang out.

We spent most of the afternoon at the pool and then had to rush to get ready. Oops.

I didn’t take a single picture of the bride or groom. I’m terrible. But the ceremony was at my grandparents’ beach house on the patio. It was a perfect day out. Uncle Andy drew this beautiful shell where the ceremony was. I should have gotten a closer picture of her flowers. They were beautiful and had shells and starfish in them.

Ryan and I did sneak down to the beach for just a second.

Afterwards, we all had a delicious dinner and then headed home.

This past weekend was the real party, though. We headed to my hometown to dance the night away. My feet were killing me by the end of the night and I was wearing flats!

(Sidenote: Daddy had his gopro there, taking video and I got to see what a terrible dancer I really am! Oh, man. I was horrified! But it’s not going to stop me!)

Lala and Big Daddy were the first ones on the dance floor! They love to dance.

Of course, we do love a photo booth! Lala wouldn’t hold the “I’m His” sign, but she made Big Daddy hold the “I’m Hers.” It made me laugh.

The weekend ended with us cuddling this sweet puppy. Chance and Kara got a new dog and oh, it is just the most precious thing ever!

Otter and Ryan took a nap holding hands. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen. That’s a boy that needs a dog, right there.

And now, it back to real life. With no puppy. But soon. Maybe. I hope.

Mardis gets hitched

Weddings are one of my favorite things. Everyone is happy and there is good food, drinks and dancing to be had by all! Friday night, we went to my friend Kristen and Brian’s wedding.

This is a terrible picture. But it’s the only one of the group, so it will have to do. A bad picture is better than no picture at all. Besides, this blog is about real life and real life isn’t always pretty pictures.

Kristen’s grandmother was ADORABLE dancing with her dad! One of the highlights, for sure!

Love this guy and going to weddings with him. Even if he’s still got the mustache 2 weeks later…. (And a special thanks that he took all of these pictures because he knows I like having them, but don’t always take the time to make them.)

Claire and I struggled mightily to get the candle lit.

We finally did!

The next day, my feet were terribly sore from wearing (and dancing in) heels all night. But it’s the good ache of a fun night. I will always love that feeling.

Pre-Wedding Dinner

Our last party before the wedding was a dinner hosted by Miss Saralynn and Mr. Benjie and Miss Carolyn and Mr. Mickey. Miss Carolyn was my kindergarten teacher and we’ve just known them forever. That’s the thing about growing up in a small town- you don’t really know how you know someone, you’ve just always known them.

Mama was in charge of that guest list and it was just people from all over. It was a great time to hang out with everyone and really relaxing.

Miss Jane, Miss Janice, Mr. Ron and Mr. Tom

Pete and Monica with Mark and Terry

with Lala and Big Daddy

Mama and Daddy with Miss Bonnie and Mr. Zippy

Ryan and me with the hosts

Smiling faces- excited and relieved that the wedding was almost there!

My Friends Shower

Back to some wedding stuff!

My last shower was a “Friends Shower” thrown by Pease, Jamie and Sarah. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face- the best part of the pre-wedding festivities was seeing all of our friends. It was held at Sarah’s parent’s house and it was a perfectly Southern shower with all the fixins.

Sarah has the Rifle Paper Co. banner that is interchangeable. I have a slight love affair with Rifle and LOVE this banner. I need to get one for myself!

The food was delicious! Chicken salad tarts, cupcakes, fruit, pasta salad. And the beverages. Let’s just say everyone else is lucky I didn’t beat them down for that champagne punch.

We played the game where you look at a tray for a few minutes and then you have to identify what they were from memory. It was hard! Katie and Rachel won, but I think Mama and I were tied for 2nd, no thanks to me. She has a good memory!

Lots of fun gifts.

And even more fun friends.

Whitney, Jamie, Daynes, Sarah and Kacina

Katie and me.

Peaser, Kylie and Sarah

Sorority friends- Claire, Pease, Iz, Michelle and Kathleen


The mothers. Love these women, almost like my own.

All of the hostesses.

It was a great day to spend with all of my closest friends. I’m starting to think I need to get married again, just so we have reasons to get together more!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Yesterday, I got a text from Peaser about an app she had. It’s a time hopper app and tells you what happened on your phone and twitter the year before. And a year ago, we were buying my wedding dress! Obviously, I couldn’t post pictures when it happened, but now I can.

All I knew was I wanted something different, NOT STRAPLESS and no train. I wanted the skirt to be full, not ballgown, but not tight either.

I went to three different places before I found my dress. My favorite dresses were by Christos, who is carried in two places in Georgia.This was my absolute favorite dress. However, Ryan is not a fan of one-shoulder dresses and it was waaaay out of my budget. I loved the peplum and the belt.

So the first place Mama and I went was in Augusta. They didn’t have anything from their current collection, but I tried on a few I liked, but didn’t love. The second time, Ryan’s mom went with us in Roswell. I found a dress that I really liked, but I wasn’t completely sold. I wanted to go one more place to be sure. My goal was to find a dress to beat that one.

This was one dress. I really liked the top because it was sparkly and the pleats in the skirt, but it was too ordinary.

This was “the dress to beat.” I liked the lace at the top and the ribbon belt. I also really liked the skirt because it was a little different.


For the last place, we went to Br*dal’s by L*ri. Apparently they were filming, but we didn’t see any cameras. Lori wasn’t there, but Monte and that little girl with the blonde bob were. I’ll be honest and say that it didn’t start off as the best experience, but once they realized we were serious about buying a dress, it got a lot better. I know they probably have a TON of people that just come in and try dresses on to be on TV.

Mama didn’t want me to take a entourage because people have a ton of opinions. but I wanted Pease and Sarah to go with us, along with Monica. I knew that they would all put aside their own tastes and knew me well enough that they knew what I would like. I tried on about 8 different dresses and it came down to two. (I deleted the pictures of all of them.) Sarah, Pease and I liked one and Mama and Monica liked the other one. So I tried them both back on and Mama and Monica switched their votes. ;)

So at this point, it was between the dress in Roswell and the one at L*ri’s, so Sarah and I snuck in the bathroom to look at the other dress. And it was no contest.

This was the dress.

This is a close-up of the top. (Terrible picture of me, though.) And a close-up of the back.

It was a fun, special day with 4 of my favorite girls!

Ned and Jaime’s Wedding

The first weekend in April, the tailgate crew headed to Hilton Head for Ned and Jaime’s wedding. Ryan was an usher and had to be there for the rehearsal, so we headed down on Friday.

The rehearsal dinner was at a cool, casual restaurant. I had fun hanging out with Blair while the guys played games.

It was FREEZING cold and I forgot a sweater, so on our way, we ran into Target so I could buy a sweater.

The happy couple!

The next day, Ryan hung out with the guys, so the girls and James headed to the beach and had a drink. It was sooo windy and cold, that we just went and took a picture and then headed back to the dock to hang out.

Pretty soon, it was wedding time! The ceremony overlooked the beach and was gorgeous!

The reception was inside the hotel and it was so fun! We had a great time dancing and eating and taking pictures in the photobooth.

Mikey did awesome with his best man speech!