Root, Root, Root for the Bravos!!

Last night, Jami was in town from San Francisco so a few of us headed out to the Braves game. To be totally honest, I am hosting Bible Study this week and trying to finally finish painting the kitchen, so it probably would have been a good idea to stay home and get some stuff done. But I’m not always one for practicality and I haven’t seen her in over a year, so down to Turner Field I went. It was great seeing her and the other girls and our seats were probably the best I’ve ever had AND they were free from her brother. If only the Bravos could have pulled off the W, it would have been a perfect night. But it was close enough.


Life Lately

Life has been kinda crazy around here. This is just a recap of almost everything we’ve been up to.

When we went to our final inspection of the house, I took some pictures of the dogwood in the front yard. I am soooo happy about it!! We need to see about the ivy growing on it because I’m scared it’s killing the tree.

After we closed on the house, we had dinner at Marlowe’s Tavern. Their tomato bacon jam is amazing!

I was packing/cleaning up one night and Ryan stuck a hanger over his head. Then he couldn’t get it off. It was hilarious! He finally had to break it to get it off.

In the midst of all of our packing, cousin Heidi’s book showed up!!!! Along with this delicious chocolate. I’m super close to finishing, but I’m waiting for a big block of time. But so far, I have loved it. I’ll give it a proper review when I’m finished, but I highly recommend it. You can pick it up on Amazon!

The Friday before we moved, we had dinner for Kylie’s birthday. It was sooo good, even though I’m terrible about remembering where we’ve eaten. I do, however, remember that amazing caramel cake from Piece of Cake.

Saturday, we headed to Athens for Twilight and for the sorority’s IRD. I miss Athens. I will never stop missing Athens.

For old time’s sake, we went to General’s for a drink. It hasn’t changed a bit. It made me happy. I’m a little crazy-eyed in this picture.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to move. Ryan, Ross and I started off with the breakfast of champions- Waffle House.

It was kinda funny seeing Ryan drive up in that big U-Haul.

After we got most of the big stuff moved on Sunday, Ryan and I spent the rest of the week getting all of the little stuff and cleaning. Ugh.

Our last meal at the apartment- Jimmy Dean’s frozen croissants. They were actually really good.

The house right after we moved in. It’s still a mess, but most of this stuff has cleared out. We just have a lot of furniture we need to buy to unpack everything into.

Last weekend, we went to my parent’s for Big Daddy’s birthday. Sunday was our one year anniversary, so Ryan woke me up super early and we went to Waffle House, just like we did the morning before the wedding.

The top of our cake! It was still delicious, even a year later! Of course, Ryan ate one bite and I ate the rest of it. I think I need to try Whole 30 again to detox myself from all the sugar.

On Friday, Ryan went to Shaky Knees and I went to the Braves game with some Sarah, Jamie, Kacina, Brie and Elizabeth. It was raining and yucky before the game, but it cleared up when we got there. Plus our seats were covered.

Saturday night, I headed home for Mother’s Day. It was just the four of us on Sunday and Mama cooked lunch. It was nice how we all just fell back into our routine and sat down in the dining room where we had always sat. I found a few old pictures when Mama and I were going through some stuff.

Chance was buttoning his shirt all the way to the top way before Ryan did it.

It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but the collar on this dress was HUGE. I remember thinking this was the prettiest dress EVER. (I think both of these pictures were taken for the Mr. and Ms. Sweetheart Pageant (that is a hard word to spell) that the Pilot Club put on for a few years. So yes, I was in a pageant once or twice. One year, the girl that won gave us all chicken pox.)

And that just about wraps us up. We’ve had a busy few weeks and we’re about to have a few more busy weeks. It’ll be nice when things relax and we can get the house painted and in order. I think we’re both getting a little tired of living in chaos.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I had every intention of blogging for yesterday, but at the last minute, Ryan and I decided to go to the Braves game with Carolyn and when we got home, Daddy had mailed us the wedding video he took on his GoPro, so we watched that and then it was midnight, but I hadn’t read the ESPN Johnny Maziel piece yet, so I did that instead of blog/sleep. Priorities.

Two sidenotes:
1: I think I’m pretty convinced I don’t want a dog yet. Ever since Pease and Ross got Sheldon (and before), I’ve been DYING for a dog. Baby, no thanks. Dog, yes please! However, Ryan and I have made some spontaneous last minute plans lately that would have been derailed if we had a puppy, so I’m good for now.
2: I feel terrible for Johnny Manziel. He’s just a kid, in college and I’m a little worried about him. Bleeding heart and all that. So that’s where I stand. Not that you care.

Okay, back to the Braves game.

Here we are waiting on Carolyn to get there. Ryan is Mr. Punctual, so we were fairly early. But we got great seats and we used our last buy one, get one free coupon. My caption for this picture on Instagram was “My original plan for tonight was laundry. This is much better.” I tried to make him pose, but he wouldn’t, so I snuck this one.

I got the famous Holman and Finch burger and it definitely lives up to its name of ‘Best Burger in Atlanta.’ I didn’t even notice I forgot to put ketchup and mustard on it until almost the end. They now also have a Waffle House at Turner, so my life is basically set. I can’t wait to watch a game while digging into some hashbrowns with extra ketchup. Yum.

The Braves played awesome and won! It was so fun to watch, and we got to see Todd Cunningham make his Major League start and get a hit on his first time at bat! Ryan looked him up and he grew up in Alabama, so he probably grew up a Braves fan. So fun to watch, thinking he was living his childhood dream!

And I made him take a picture with me because we don’t seem to take them as often anymore.

It was a great night at the ole ball game!

Weekend Update- Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day weekend was rather uneventful. Friday was chill and Ryan cooked dinner and we watched The Pauly D Project.

Saturday I worked and got off early for the holiday weekend. I ran and got peaches from the Farmer’s Market. I was so excited! The first peaches of the summer!

This was going to be my weekend! Sunhat and peaches.

Saturday night was lazy and awesome. Ryan grilled out and Mikey drove up from Savannah so we watched The Sitter and Your Highness. Both really stupid and I will probably never watch either again. Although Your Highness had some pretty famous people in it, so that was surprising. But the boys seemed to enjoy both.

Sunday, I woke up stuffy, but felt fine so we went to church. After church, we went back to Ryan’s to get Mikey and head to the Braves game. We just hung out and tailgated and enjoyed the hot weather. I eventually felt worse and worse, but I made it through the game. Barely.

Sadly, Monday was a sick day. I literally laid in bed and did absolutely nothing. I felt terrible- stuffy, fever, aches, the whole nine yards. I was so bummed because we had planned to spend the day at the pool and I was super excited about laying out in the hot sun and just enjoying SUMMER. But, oh well. We ended up just going to his parents for dinner. They grilled out while I laid on the couch on the screened porch and watched Sports Nation and Restaurant Impossible.

So no. The weekend didn’t turn out at all how I had thought it would. It kinda stunk actually. But, at the same time, I can appreciate it. Ryan took great care of me the whole weekend. It makes me really excited to get married to him. Less than a year!

Braves Game Date Night

Since Claire is now our sorority’s alumni chapter President, she decided we should have a date night with our pledge class to the Braves game.

I was very excited when this was announced because I actually had a real boy that I wanted to take. (In college, I always went with Iz. She was a great date and so much easier than taking a boy I didn’t know and having to pay for and entertain him.) But this time, I had a boy going with me that likes me and holds my hand. And that’s wonderful.

We rode with Pease and Ross and got there early to tailgate. Except it rained and forced us back into the car. But no matter. It cleared up soon and really cooled it off, instead of just making it too humid to function.

Eventually we headed in, 45 minutes early like Ryan and Ross wanted. Perfect to take pictures.

Poor Ross. He thought the picture taking was over. Not even close.

My sweetheart and me. We’ve gone to lots of Braves games this year!

All the girls, minus Michelle after the WIN!!

It was so great seeing everyone that I don’t get to see often enough! We need to make it happen more often!

10,000 Wins and a Wedding Dress

About 2 weeks ago, Ryan’s cousins and uncle came down to hang out and go to a Braves game. One of his cousins is moving to China (!!!) and so everyone got together to hang out one last time. And I was invited! Of course, I failed at getting any pictures of his family. Boo.

The Bravos were celebrating their 10,000th franchise win from the night before! (We had some great seats!)

The girl next to Ryan kept flirting with him. So I made him take some pictures.

Unfortunately, the Braves lost but there was some excitement when this guy in a wedding dress jumped onto the field. I swear they had him tackled in less than 20 seconds.

There was an article in the paper the next day that said he lost a bet. I wonder where he got the dress?

Of Bravos and Fishies

While the rest of the world was having a crazy, up and down weekend, my weekend was just up! I know I say this all the time, but we really did have a great weekend full of great stuff to do, conversations, laughter, good food and good times!

Friday night, Ryan and I headed to the Braves game! I love going to Braves games! Growing up, we usually only went to 1 or 2 a year, since it was kinda far. But having so many friends that have grown up in the Atlanta area, they are used to going to 10-15 a year. So it’s a fun treat for me.


A few things about this picture. 1. Ryan does not love having his picture taken. (He’s a good sport for me.) 2. I am always ready for the picture. 3. See that kid behind Ryan? He and his buddy spent the entire game competing with each other about sports trivia. But the absolute most random stuff you have ever heard in your life. Oh, it was so annoying!

After we looked at the previous picture and laughed, the nice man beside us offered to take our picture. Much better.

Unfortunately, they ended up losing in extra innings and we were both exhausted, so we decided to skip out on the fireworks. I know we’ll go back!

Saturday, we got up and headed to the aquarium! Neither one of us had been in several years, so we were excited to go back! Of course, on the way there, I got the call that Kathleen was engaged!! (Click on the link to get all the juicy details!)

The aquarium was great and of course, I took way too many pictures. It’s really hard to narrow it down!

These little wormy things were so gross! They would pop up and down out of the dirt. Yuck!

I loved all of this really brightly colored coral! It doesn’t look real!

The jellyfish make for really great pictures.

I loved this tropical fish! I wanted to take him home with me!

The manta ray pool is really neat. Last time, I didn’t touch them but with some encouragement from Ryan (and the 7 year old beside me) I did this time. They were much squishier than I thought they would be.

I am trying to be less prideful. (And since I post less-than-flattering pictures of other people, I guess I should do it to myself also.)

The penguins are Ryan’s favorite. (I didn’t get a good shot at the otters, which are mine.)

Such a good sport.

After the aquarium, we had raw oysters and sushi for dinner. The irony was not lost on us. And no, neither one of us felt bad.

Sunday, we just ran errands all day, which made us feel old for some reason. After that, we had dinner with Ryan’s parents and I headed home. Yet another great weekend, in the books.